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  • IAM Goldのランチミーティングの御案内


    貴社ますますご清栄のこととお喜び申し上げます。さてこの度ニューヨーク証取及びトロント証取上場の急成長中の中堅金鉱山会社である IAMGOLD(の社長兼CEOのSteve Letwin氏が来日します。当社は北米、アフリカ、南米に有望な金鉱山を保有しております。また継続的なコスト構造の見直しを行っており強固なバランスシートを持っております。


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  • Introduction of Nasu Shiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture

    Frontier Japan has recently acquired a 7000 Square Meter resort hotel in Nasu Shiobara which is famous for its hot springs and various outdoor activities (ski, fishing and hiking etc).

    See below video of the hotel we have acquired

    Nasu Shiobara is about 70 minutes north east of Tokyo by Shinkansen and the area alone has about 200 hotels.

    The hotel we have acquired is one of the largest in the region with a spectacular view of the valley from the balcony and all the guest rooms.

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  • Точиги мужийн Насу Шиобара хотын танилцуулга

    Фронтиер Жапан компани нь Насу Шиобарад 7000м2 хэмжээтэй амралтын газар худалдаж авсныг дуулгахад таатай байна. Уг амралтын газар нь аялал жуулчлал, халуун рашаанаар алдартай бөгөөд цанаар гулгах, загасчлах, ууланд авирах зэрэг үйл ажиллагаа явуулж болно.  

    Дараах бичлэгээс бидний авсан зочид буудлын танилцуулагыг үзнэ үү.

    Энэхүү зочид буудал нь Токиогийн баруун хойд хэсэгт орших ба Шинкансен хурдны галт тэргээр 70 гаруй минут явж хүрдэг төдийгүй тэнд ойролцоогоор 200-аад зочид буудал байдаг.

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  • Маса Игата: Энэ жил Монголчуудад 2011 оноос хойш олдож байгаа маш том боломж

    "Инвест Монголиа" хөрөнгө оруулалтын чуулган зохион байгуулагч Маса Игата захиралын "Өдрийн сонины" 2018 оны 1-р сарын 30-нд өгсөн ярилцлага бүрэн эхээрээ

    Ярилцлагыг ЭНД ДАРЖ уншина уу
  • Investment Banking

    Frontier offers innovative and effective solutions, as well as value-added advisory services from a special pool of resources to assist corporations, private companies and government related agencies to achieve their financial and corporate goals.

    We deliver strong results to our clients by understanding our clients’ needs and the requirements set by various regulatory authorities not only Mongolia, but in other foreign countries as well.

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  • Advisory & Consulting

    Frontier Securities provides strategic and technical Advisory & Consulting service customized to our clients. Our clients range from local companies, through the foreign companies and international organizations, to government institutions. We are also active in research of both domestic and foreign economic issues and formation of policy recommendation, as well as consulting in a wide range of fields such as corporate strategies and project feasibility.

    In addition, we provide analyses and surveys for companies expanding their business into Mongolian market.