Masa Igata, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Frontier Securities

Mr. Masa Igata, Founder & CEO of Frontier Securities, has more than 30 years of professional experience in Asian financial markets. Prior to establishing Frontier Securities in 2007, he had been a Managing Director at Salomon Brother/Citigroup/Nikko Citigroup in Tokyo leading the company to be the most profitable foreign investment bank in Japan for more than the decade. After leaving the firm in 2004, Mr. Igata became interested in Mongolia’s fast-growing economy, and began to develop closerelationships with many Mongolian businesses since then.

Mr. Igata has since invested in Mining, Finance and real estate sector in Japan, Mongolia, Canada and China through his own companies in each region. In addition, with proven expertise on cross-border capital raising, Mr. Igata has been actively promoting Mongolian investment opportunities to foreign investorsand advocating capital market’s best practices in Mongolia to ensure and enhance its access to foreign investors through a full range of financial services, corporate access and research. Hosting Invest Mongolia is one of the service to facilitate himself and investors to access to the Government and the Business. In addition, he has extensively advised the Government of Mongolia, several government agencies and major corporate in Mongolia on fund raising, corporate governance and value enhancement.

Apart from Mongolia, Mr. Igata has several investments in real estate sector in Japan. Particularly, Mr. Igata is interested in tourism industry in Japan given the growth potential of the industry. Therefore, Mr. Igata has recently acquired two hotels in Nasu and Takasaki. In addition, Mr. Igata, as Director of Prophecy Development (TSX listed), aims to let the company to be the biggest Vanadium producer in North America.

Mr. Igata is a certified member of the Securities Analyst Association of Japan.

Mr. Igata was conferred a decoration of Nairamdal (Friendship) from President of Mongolia H.E. Mr.Tsakhia Elbegdorj on June 2017.